Digital Designs

I’m a maker, driven by a passion for digital creation and fueled by the joy of exploration and play. Armed with my iPad Pro, I revel in the freedom that comes with crafting digital art using basic shapes and vibrant colors. Abstract art is not just a style for me; it’s a canvas of limitless expression, where each stroke tells a story.

When creating designs, I channel my focus towards themes close to my heart—women’s health and the often concealed struggles of depression, anxiety, and self-sabotage. Through my digital art, I aim to bring these hidden issues into the light, fostering understanding and empathy.

My go-to tools include Adobe Illustrator and Fresco for iPad Pro. Sometimes I use an iPencil, sometimes I use a squishy stylus, and sometimes I create designs with my fingertips.

My obsession with graphic design started when I was young. I find joy in the challenge of creating flat logo designs that intricately narrate the mission of a business. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are my tools of choice, while the Coolors web app helps me find the perfect color schemes for my design palettes.

In every stroke, every shape, and every color choice, I strive to create digital pieces that resonate with meaning and invite interpretation. As a digital creator, my journey is a fusion of artistic intuition, technological innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to shedding light on important issues.

Design Commissions

My creativity is boundless and I would love to create a design specific to your needs! Please complete my project brief so that I can learn more about your commission. Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to working with you!

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