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Remote Visual Designer & WordPress Developer

I’m Rebecca!

I am a remote web and visual designer, working primarily with Elementor Pro in WordPress to build bold websites for non-profits, creative entrepreneurs, and startups. 

It is important that my work makes a difference so I happily serve marginalized and underrepresented communities. We all lose when certain groups do not have access to resources and tools to market their products and services. Everyone deserves to make an honest living.

After I launch my client’s project, I empower them with assets so that they can self-manage their websites with ease.

Why WordPress?

I love working with WordPress because it is very versatile and offers an extensive library of plugins that can expand the functionality and style of a website. My skillset also includes knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and just enough PHP so that I can input custom code, as needed.

Elementor Pro is a robust page builder plugin that includes enhanced features that allow me to easily train my clients in how to drag and drop elements so that they can post updates stress-free. 

Reb Dev & Design | Abstract Digital Art | Bearings
Reb Dev & Design | Abstract Digital Art | Illuminati B
Reb Dev & Design | Abstract Digital Art | Bungalow

Work with Me!

Ready to get started on your website overhaul or new site design? I’m here to help! Head over to my project brief and share some project details with me. I will get back to you within 1 – 2 business days with questions and specifics on how we can move forward.


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