I enjoy creating WordPress websites and custom designs for local and national startups and entrepreneurs. I work remotely in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Recent projects include School Mod Women, Perfect Plate, and Christopher Gulick Art.

My clients range from creatives and solopreneurs who are just starting out, to established brands looking to strategically refresh their visual identity and web presence.

I have worked with startups in the California cannabis industry as well as local business leaders and influencers.

I primarily use WordPress, along with supplemental tools like Elementor, as well as my HTML, CSS, and PHP skills to build custom websites. As a self-taught graphic designer, I rely on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help me create visual stories.

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Click here to view my video case study library in Loom. Under each video, in the comments section, you will find a link to both the project website and a full written case study.




Rebecca is motivated to get the project done!

“I am very happy with Rebecca’s website building service! In 2018, she built an attractive website for my foodservice company. Customers can view store inventory and place orders for pick up. The website works well on both ends and is easy to use. It took time to work out the kinks and work through my lack of understanding of IT, but she did not give up on the project. I really appreciated the time she dedicated to making at least a dozen easy to follow tutorials, both video and written. She works in a timely manner and is motivated to get the project done. I look forward to hiring Rebecca for the next round of website development.”
– Kira Watt, Owner, Perfect Plate


Rebecca carries an array of skill sets!

“Rebecca carries such an array of skill sets. Everything from her varying styles of graphic art, to her time management, organizational, and communication skills keep us continually surpassing our goals, and striving for new ones.  Rebecca used a few details and created a digital design scheme that reflects our mission. From logos and web design to business strategy and communication, Rebecca is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for representing our brand at the highest level!”
– Mikel Bowyer, Restaurant Business Development Coach


Rebecca adds creativity to any project!

“Rebecca harnesses the power and promise of technology to add utility, effectiveness and creativity to any project. She is an assertive communicator, evidenced by her broad and diverse network of contacts as well as a burgeoning portfolio of work.”
– Adrienne Churchill, KU Wichita Recruiter


Rebecca is on my "go-to" team!

“I have had the pleasure of being a client for Rebecca Morris for approximately 4 years. She was able to accommodate my needs without total direction from me. Her knowledge of website design and how clients interact with websites has facilitated my efforts to communicate my work to the public. Her labors have been expedient, efficient and quite cost effective. I’m grateful to have her on my “go-to” team.”
– Christopher Gulick, Artist


I would definitely recommend Rebecca!

“Reb has been an amazing person to work with. She was prompt, listened to my creative direction carefully and her first draft was perfect! I would definitely recommend her services.”
– Michele Senn, Humble Mountain Farm


I look forward to discussing your project needs via email or phone. I appreciate your input during the design and development process, it will help evolve your brand.

Expect a one to two day follow up via email. I am accepting new clients in 2019.

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